Me and Solomon

Iwant to talk a little about Satisfaction. It is a sought after commodity across the glob. For Americans it is… well the American Dream. Really if you think about it this isn’t a “new” dream by any stretch of the imagination. There have been countless people throughout history that have chased satisfaction by way of wealth, knowledge, and physical stimulation.

This topic brings be to my favorite Biblical character besides Jesus. King Solomon, Son of David. A lot of people know the story just because it is fascinating. God offered Solomon anything he wanted (if that is me… i am thinking, “hott wife, sweet house, nice car, plethora of food and drink, etc…). Instead, Solomon asks for wisdom. God in turn gives him wisdom… along with everything we could possibly conjure up in our feeble minds. This brotha had unlimited resources. He sets out on a journey through life to see if there is anything that brings lasting satisfaction under the sun. Solomon had money out the wazoo! He had 700 wives and 300 concubines… in other words, unlimited sexual relations. That is very sought after in our culture. For each of his wives he built a house. He built a house for himself that took him and about 10,000 workers 14 years to build.

People in this day want to but worth in their possessions… trust Solomon, it doesnt work! When he tested all of these things, at the end of it all he said, “Vanity of Vanities” which basically means “Meaningless of Meaninglessness”. For a decade Solomon threw sick, epic parties and invited the A-list people. If I like a band i go to itunes and buy their album. Solomon just went and bought the band! Our little Christmas shindigs are flat out COMICAL to Solomon. I can just hear him.. “Please man! Give me a break!” Anything we do to try to measure up to what Solomon has done (which is what we try to do when we look to the world for pleasure) is flat out childish.

The book of Ecclesiastes is Solomon attempting to impart to us his wisdom that he found in life. His ultimatum is this… There is nothing under the sun, in this lifetime, that will bring lasting satisfaction. Marriage? Meaningless! Money? Meaningless! Success? Meaningless! Happiness? Meaningless!

The only thing that matters in life, is what is found beyond the sun. My plea is simply this… Look BEYOND the sun!

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