My stance

I used to be huge into blogging back in the day. I kinda let it go because i only used it to keep in touch with friends. Now I returning to the blogging world because i am going to treat it as a journal. Maybe people will read it, maybe not. To be honest my main reasoning for doing it is because i want to know what people have to say about Christ. I am a firm believer in Christ but i do not claim to be an expert. My God is just too big to grasp. However, he has given me the picture, or should i say in essence, Himself in Christ. That is just a little back ground about me and where i come from. For the most part, I try to see every issue as Christ would see it. This is difficult because i am a jacked up, sinful person. When your standard is perfection, its almost like fighting a battle you know you cant win. The good news is, Christ doesn’t require me to clean myself up before i can be a follower. He is such a good God that he takes me in my filth and makes me holy.

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