Dr. House and the miracle of birth

Dr. House and I have become pretty good friends over the last several years. Basically since the show began. The reason being, I am fascinated with him because he has a harbored bitterness in the depths of his soul toward anything having to do with God. My favorite episode is called “One day, One room” (I think that is right). It presents a young girl who gets raped and as a result might die trying to give birth to this child. House consistently tries to get her to abort but she wont do it. She claims to have faith in God and his supreme plan. House and this young girl get into heated debates about God and the after life. House’s stance is if there is an after life, then life here really doesnt matter. The girl’s stance is, without an after life, there is no ultimate consequence or reward! Therefore, NO PURPOSE!

House continuously wants to place God and science side by side. The Christian standpoint is this… God created science. Science is within it self GOOD! God and science do not defy the laws of logic (the law of non-contradiction). Rather, God is outside of science just like he is outside time and space. C.S. Lewis said that God does not look into the future, he is in the future. He is in tomorrow! Waiting on us! I have also heard it put, “If one were to draw a line on a page symbolizing the span of time, God is on the entire page.” He cannot be pinpointed to certain time or place, rather he is in time and he is in place! Wherever that may be, he is there (He is here).

I go along with Pastor Matt Chandler’s definition of faith. A lot of people try to make faith a 3 step process (Admit, Believe, Confess). Faith is not a formula. It is simply knowing that God is here! Wherever you are and whatever you may go through, believing that God is with you is the best definition of faith that i have heard.

If anyone in my life has recently learned what it really means to have faith, it is my sister. She and her husband had been trying to have a child but my sister kept miscarrying. She miscarried several times and finally decided to get it checked out. Turns out she has Antiphospho Lipid Antibody Syndrome (Sounds like something that would be on House). In order for her to have kids she would have to give herself shots in the stomach twice a day. She was on blood thinners to help the baby survive. It was a long and strenuous process but this morning she gave birth to an absolutely gorgeous baby girl. She is healthy and so peaceful looking. My mom took pictures just a few hours after the baby was born and i could swear she is smiling.

So was it God or was it medicine that cause my sister to have the ability to have children? I know my answer… it was God. Life in general is a miracle. To see the process that happens as a baby is formed is an act of God. I will never understand how any Doctor can be agnostic.

To them i guess it is a “It just so happens” type thing… It just so happens that the male sperm and the female egg meet up and begin to form a living human. The chances of two cells meeting up and forming a living organism is practically impossible… unless the Psalmist is correct in Psalm 139 “You formed my inmost being. You knit me together in my mothers womb. I praise you because i am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Made would be the key word there.

All I know is when i held my niece for the first time and she looked at me, i was holding a miracle in my hands. One that God did not have to give but in his mercy and grace granted to my sister and her husband. As i held her i kissed her forehead and prayed, “God this is your child. You have placed her in my sister’s care but she is yours. May you bless her and keep her. May you cause your face to shine upon her and be gracious to her. May you lift up your countenance upon her and give her peace.”

The sad reality in all of this is that my niece is born separated from Christ. I am already praying that she will love Jesus as much as her mother does. I look at her and see a perfect picture with how i am with Christ. My niece is completely dependent on my sister… as a matter of fact, without her she would cease to have life. It is the same with me and God. I dont really even know how much i need him. But He knows.

If you read this and you are someone who does not know Christ, please know this. If you skipped all of the above and just read this line…please grab this.. Jesus KNOWS! Your inmost thoughts, your utmost aspirations, your deep dark secrets, your gut wrenching habits… He knows!

One thought on “Dr. House and the miracle of birth

  1. Stacey says:

    I stumbled across this while browsing mom’s facebook and I’m so glad I did. Raegan is a very lucky girl to have such a great uncle who is praying for her. God is so good! We love you!

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