New sight, new perspective

I have never had the best eye sight. It was always really frustrating to have to wear glasses or contacts when playing sports, driving, or reading. It is one of those things where everything was just a little bit out of focus. I could see objects and recognize faces but i had a really hard time seeing the detail in life. Things that are simple like the leaves on trees or blades of grass. They just looked like green blobs. The funny thing is, until i got my first pair of glasses, i had no idea that what i was seeing was any different than what everyone else was seeing. It wasn’t until my parents noticed i was squinting a lot to watch tv or read that they took me in to get my eyes checked.

That was about 13 years ago when i got my first pair of glasses. They were very big and colorful… i was a dork (many people probably think not much has changed). For the first time i saw that trees had leaves and basketball nets had holes in them when you view them from the 3-point line. I felt like a new boy. Once i grew up a little i received another pair of glasses that were a little more manly and i even tried contacts. Contacts never worked… they drove me crazy. So i stuck with glasses for years. UNTIL JANUARY 5, 2008!!!! I went to get lasik!

I dont think people that have 20/20 vision or better really grasp what they have. I feel like i have a new lease on life. For the first time i wake up in the morning and i can see my alarm clock. I can see far better than i ever could with glasses. It is funny because in all of this i have found myself worshipping God. I can’t quite explain it. I can try…

Last night i got home late. It was a very clear night… not a cloud in the sky. There was just a sliver of the moon showing and the stars were bright. I stepped out of my car and looked up. I have never seen the sky with so much detail. Even with glasses i couldn’t see as clear as i see now.

In that moment when i looked up and saw God’s creation screaming out his majesty. The only thing i could do was inhale. I breathed in deep that moment and praised God for the opportunity to see His works not just with better vision, but with a completely different perspective. It baffles me how people can miss God when all the while enjoying his stuff. Needless to say, for a few moments i felt very, very small. Who can feel like a beast when they are surrounding by things so much greater? No one stands in front of the Grand Canyon and flexes their muscles! No one stands at the base of the Rockies and tells them they are small! No one wades out into the ocean with 20 foot swells and punches a wave coming at them (Unless they want to die)!

And all the while when we stand in awe of creation and what has been made God says, “These are but the FRINGES of who I AM! This is a tiny glimpse of a little bit of who I am. ” And this is crazy to me because creation speaks so loudly but barely touches on who God is….but in Christ, in the God-man, Jesus, ALL of the fullness of God rests in him. He is not a picture of God, he IS God. He is not similar to God, He is God!

So this is my new perspective on life. As I get older Christ makes me look more like himself and i begin to see things in this light. What might seem ordinary to some is extraordinary to those who are in Christ. Then there are things that are extraordinary to the world and absolutely dead to those who are in Christ. It’s crazy…

But i know life is short. Even though i got lasik… i might get 20 years out of my eyes before they abandon me. I will have to wear glasses again one day. My plea is this… don’t inhale majesty and exhale superficially. Don’t stand before greatness and walk away talking about how much you bench press. No matter what you or I say… in these moments, we know we are small.

One thought on “New sight, new perspective

  1. redfro says:

    Hey brother. It was good to see you and hang out for a while. Glad we found each other’s blog. Talk to you soon.

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