I once was blind, but now i see

Well I have been out at Andrews, Tx for 2 weeks now. I am really missing my family, friends, adopted family in Brownwood, and my girl friend. Its kinda one of those feelings where you know you are in the right place because you are out of your comfort zone. I have a peace about being here in Andrews and yet my heart is torn because i miss Brownwood. I miss Coggin Ave. Baptist. Don’t get me wrong, FBC Andrews is awesome but Coggin was my home for 4 years and i poured my self into students there that i now miss dearly. But to every season turn, turn, turn… I know that there are a new set of students that i can invest in. I can be a fresh voice here and an encouragement to Billy and Lindz.

Today i was at my house (a lovely couple here in Andrews decided they wanted to try and house and feed me… great people) flipping around on tv. I found a DVD and popped it in. It was the recent movie Amazing Grace. This was my second time to see it and it was just as good. The story is absolutely amazing to me. To see the burden that William Wilberforce had for slaves and his passion to see them set free made me start questioning my life. Why do I not have a passion on my heart like he did? What if God has called me to something that he has set for me to do and I am wasting time? My prayer is God give me ears to hear, eyes to see, and lips to proclaim.

The famous line “I once was blind but now i see” that could be my call. To proclaim that hey i dont know a whole lot but i do know that i once was blind but now i see. The beauty of it is, i do not take part in this alone. This is the call of every believer and it is the one of UTMOST importance. Every time i hear the song Amazing Grace (the oldie and the my chains are gone version) my spirit is stirred. We as Christians often ask God to do a work in us and ignite a passion. But when he does… what do we do with it? We usually say.. once i get done with my education, then i will be ready to take on this call. But lets be honest… Jesus has used some of the most social awkward and down right weird people to do great things for his glory.

I am confident that Christ WILL make known his name in all the earth. Sometimes i am just so ready to go home. I just want to be with Christ. To behold him and enjoy him forever. There is another song that i have heard recently by Phil Wickham that says:

When we arrive on eternity’s shore
Where death is just a memory and tears are no more
We’ll enter in as the wedding bells ring
Your bride will come together and we’ll sing… You’re Beautiful!

I cannot even fathom the moment when i no longer have to wrestle with sin. My heart longs for the fight to be over! I want nothing more than to be with Christ. One day i will sit on eternity’s shore with my Savior and my God and my death will just be a memory and the sin that has entangled me for so long will be left with my body. PRAISE CHRIST the God of my salvation.

God teach your saints how to treasure you. May we guard our steps when we approach you. Would we draw near to listen..

“To see the Lord and the promised land, where in all sin’s pearly gates look bland. What was once a pearl is now sand that blows away in light of Him.” ~ Shane Barnard

One thought on “I once was blind, but now i see

  1. will says:

    what does this mean “what was once a pearl now sand that blows away in light of him”?

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