The Bride

With all the political excitement that has gone on this week. I think i will spin off this hot topic and spend time on something a little more important. Don’t get me wrong, i think politics are important but this issue which i intend to address deserves careful thought.

As this election process has gone on, i have noticed an over-whelming amount of political blog posts discussing crucial issues such as abortion, homosexual marriages, and our broken economy. Don’t get me wrong, I think these issues need to be written about at some level. However, my aim is not to discuss these issues but to point out what the discussion of these issues has done to brothers and sisters in Christ. I have seen guys that call themselves Christians straight up bad mouth their brothers, sisters, and the church as a whole. So it is not politics that has been my concern, but the division that i see it has caused between believers.

Before i get into what has been heavy on my heart i want to throw out a few questions regarding the church (I will use the terms church and people of God interchangeably). The answering of these questions is what has been on my heart:

Within the Scriptures, what terms do the authors use to describe the church?

Why and for whom did Christ die? God’s glory is a given… next!

In Paul’s address to the churches in the New Testament, what title does he ascribe to them?

First, the terms that I see used when talking about the people of God are numerous. These few come to mind: ambassadors, royal priesthood, holy nation, disciples, and most amazingly,the bride. Does anyone find in Scripture where God refers to us as stupid, jacked up, or slutty? If there is no where in Scripture where Jesus refers to his bride in a derogatory way, then why do we? This has recently slapped me in the face. If I bad mouth the church. I am bad mouthing Jesus’ bride. I am not quite married yet but if someone talks bad about my fiance, I am ready to battle. This leads me to the second question, let us never begin to tear down the bride for whom Jesus laid down his life. I know if i was Jesus (which i am not) that would make me furious. One of my favorite modern day theologians said, “Yeah she may look gritty but When her man come back she gonna look so pretty – She the Church You might see her acting crazy, be patient with her tho cause she still God’s baby – She the Church
Before you dis her get to know her, Jesus got a thing fo her and He died just to show her .” None other than Lecrae…

Finally, In Paul’s letter to the church at Corinth, he refers to the people there as saints. This is a church that was plagued by immorality. As a matter of fact, from the first letter to the second letter, there seems to be strong similarities in the content of his message. Why is that? Because they didn’t get it the first time! The Corinthians were over run with division and they thought the more they sinned the more Jesus was pleased to save. I don’t know if we would say we believe that but maybe if we are honest, do we live like this?

I think we recognize that there are many things that plague the church today. Our tendency has been to just drop the church, church structure, and move on. But don’t you see that it was a lack of church structure that hindered the Corinthian church. It was what Paul was working toward all along. My prayer is that we wouldn’t have the mentality to disregard the church just because we are frustrated. If God still calls us saints, are we justified in calling the church anything else?

I plan to write on this issue at length at some point but i just felt a need to plead with my fellow brothers and sisters not to trash the bride even thought it seems that she has lost her mind. I know there are things that need to be fixed within the church. But abandoning the bride is not the answer. If we will keep in mind, the church is made up of redeemed people who are a work in progress. It is only natural that the church would be a work in progress as well.

One thought on “The Bride

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you haven’t seen the movie, ‘Expelled’, I highly recommend doing so. We need to save the church and religions from ongoing and emminent attempts to destroy faith completely. Join the website at the end of the movie.Ben Stein sums it all up very nicely. Share the movie with others. Peace to you, your sister in Christ, Amy

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