Awaiting Death

No one ever wants to hear the words from a doctor, “There is nothing else we can do.” These are the words that my brother-in-law received from his oncologist on thursday. The doctor gave him two options, 1) he could try one more treatment but the likelihood of the chemo helping was very slim and he (josh) would spend his remaining days highly susceptible to infection and most likely miserable. Or 2) He could begin to take every moment in, do the things he has always wanted to do, and spend time with the people he wants to spend time with. At this point, Josh feels as good as he will ever feel and he (along with the rest of his family) believes that quality of life is much more important than quantity of days. Josh is only 22 years old. That is such a huge decision for any person to make… much less a young man who should have his whole life ahead of him. The Doctor told Josh that if he chose not to do treatment, he would have about 3 months to live.He will spend the rest of his days with his family. He is fatigued most of the time and dozes in and out of sleep. It is believed that he will eventually drift off to sleep and not wake up. So now he finds himself in a scary situation… awaiting death. Do you think that has changed his beliefs and values? You bet!

What if we all began to view our lives as temporary? At times i think we put too much stock in this life. If this is all there is… what is the point? You live 22 years only to get terminal cancer and die… if Christ is not who he says he is then life is unbelievably unfair and pointless! But if Christ is the priceless treasure in the field and we will sell everything we have to buy the field in order to gain the eternal treasure that extends beyond our life, then we can view death as God’s mercy!

The reality is we are all awaiting death. The only difference between me and Josh is he has a general idea. However, the reality is I could die at anytime. The only security I (or Josh) have is that Christ is my substitute, who took on the wrath that was intended for me upon Himself so that I may live eternally with my Savior. It is Christ alone that makes this life worth living and keeps me look forward to the next.

No guilt in life, no fear in death/ this is the power of Christ in me./ From life’s first cry to final breath/ Jesus commands my destiny/ No power of hell, no scheme of man/ can ever pluck me from His hand/ till He returns or calls me home/ here in the love of Christ I stand.

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