Feel your ears

I have noticed within my heart as of a late, an increased sense of accomplishment and pride concerning what I think I know. This is something that I am praying that God would help me mortify because it is deadly to my joy in Christ. When you become a part of an institution that teaches you insight into Scripture that you have never heard, it is easy to look down at others and think, “poor, pitiful you.. If you only knew what you were reading.” It sounds terrible to think this way about my brothers and sisters and I am fully aware of this fact. These thoughts are sporadic and fleeting but they are present nonetheless. That is why I could not help but laugh, continue to laugh, and laugh more when i received a facebook message from a close friend of mine who finds himself in the same situation I am. The message contained a quote from Martin Luther, the great German Reformer, which will humble me and continually remind me that I have a long way to go.

“If you feel or imagine that you are right and suppose that your book, teaching, or writing is a great achievement…then, my dear man, feel your ears. If you are doing so properly, you will find that you have a splendid pair of big, long, shaggy asses’ ears…”

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