We all experience seasons of life where it seems like nothing is going your way. No matter how hard you try, everything you try to cultivate wars against you. This is where my wife and I are living right now. We feel like we have been beat up and we can’t catch a break. Don’t get me wrong… i realize that there are people in the world that are far worse off than we are… I get that. But it doesn’t help the feeling. I hate the way I feel because I never what to be in a position where I feel like God owes me something. I know He is good! Even through the valley He has been very good to me and my family.

I have been praying like crazy that God would help me be content like Paul. He was imprisoned and free, rich and poor, etc… in every situation he learned to be content because no matter what his situation was, the Gospel was preached.

We have dealt with the death of 3 people close to us… one was far to young. Each death was about a week apart. My wife is struggling to find a job. We have been waiting and hoping all week to get a call back from a company but our hope is fading. It has been the most difficult semester of my life. School is relentless, work keeps me busy, and my heart continuously breaks for my wife.

So I have to be honest… I am in a season in life where I feel discontent but I am pleading for Christ to have mercy and increase my faith so that even in this tough time I can be content.

I plead the blood of Christ! His grace is sufficient!

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