More Beautiful

You say to me, “Come, I desire your good and offer life.” I would be lying if I said there aren’t times I want to bind myself to you. You speak tenderly, softly to my affections and claim to be the wellspring of pleasure. I am often brought to a place where denying you seems like an action reserved for the foolish. In those moments you bring forth such delight and my heart longs for my whole self to submit.

But, there is another more beautiful, loving, and appealing. He stands before me no matter where I run and invites me to come. He stands in glory and bears the scars that you have brought upon Him. So I say to you, “How long have you loved me and when did you begin to desire good for me?” You do not answer, no, you cannot in light of Him. He has desired my good before I existed and chose me before I breathed my first. So I will go with Him and one day stand in glory.

For your name is sin and your stench is evil. Your will for me was never my good, but my destruction was your goal. So on that day that I go to Him I will smile as the end you planned for me is poured upon your own head.


One thought on “More Beautiful

  1. Caty says:

    lol! I do love a good "muh huh" creeper laugh! BTW, I just did my book drawing (late but oh well) and you won. So now we can TRADE books when we see each other next!

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