Sing Good Songs

There are a lot of fluffy songs out right now. Songs that don’t even seem Christian because they are man focused and God is the treated as nothing but an agent that is supposed to do what we ask. I am starting to love more and more the hymns and spiritual songs of old. Songs like It is Well, The Solid Rock, and my personal favorite Crown Him with Many Crowns.

There is hope for modern music. I believe there are many song writers that are dedicated in writing songs that are Christ-centered and based on Scripture. There are new hymns and spiritual songs that are amazing. In Christ Alone (written in 2002) is one of these songs. Below is another song, one that was written after John Piper’s message, “The Great Work of the Only Wise God.”


(Sung to the tune of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”)

God alone is full of wisdom,
God alone knows every end,
God alone plans every pathway,
More than we can comprehend.
Infinite! His wisdom soars,
High above our peace and wars,
Grasping all the mysteries,
Governing the galaxies.
Infinite! Our God is wise!
Let our boast in him arise!

Wise! He saves the lowly sinner.
Wise! He keeps his covenant.
Wise! His ways at Calvary
Silence ev’ry argument.
By his blood and righteousness
Jew and gentile he will bless.
None shall boast in any man,
All shall marvel at his plan.
Infinite! Our God is wise!
Let our boast in him arise.

(This song was written to summarize the message, “The Great Work of the Only Wise God.”)

One thought on “Sing Good Songs

  1. Cindy Tittle says:

    I grew up on hymns as well as Josh and Em did…as Josh was on hospice he would often sit in the recliner and sing those hymns accapella…they were that ingrained in his heart…love them…I do like some of the comtemporary songs but you make a very valid point…”It is well” has always been on of my very favorites…”When we all get to Heaven” always ranked right up there…that was before I ever experienced the loss of a loved one. Thanks Daniel for your wise words.

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