Just Stop. Part II

For all you single guys out there who just want to meet an honest, God-fearing Christian woman, this is for you. Do you ever struggle with what to say to a girl that you don’t know but you would like to get to know? We are talking real face to face talking here. Not texting, facebooking, or online dating sites, but real conversations. Today, I salute you and say, Do not fret, for your problems are about to be solved.

I think I have found my new favorite blog site. It comes from a guy named Matthew Paul Turner, author of Hear No Evil and Churched. For future nuggets of wisdom and to read the original post, see Turner’s website. The following is his latest post.

According to the chaste peeps at PureAttraction.com, they know the art of Christian social dynamics!

That’s awesome news, huh? Because being dynamic in Christian social circles is really hard sometimes and can be awkward, too! You know what I’m talking about, right?

But have no fear! Why? Because Greg D is here (<-he’s the guy in the video). And let me tell you: Greg definitely knows a thing or two about hard and awkward. (Just wait; you’ll see.)

But anyway… being social is really difficult sometimes for us Christians… especially if you grew up in a Nazarene church. God. Help. The Nazarenes! Uh…. everybody does know that Nazarenes have the social skills of homeschoolers who read comic books, right?

BUT THERE’S GOOD NEWS! There’s hope for nerdy Nazarenes and other Christians with zero personalities. There’s Greg D and his Pure Attraction website advice…

According to Greg D… this video contains three really cool tips for how to open a conversation with a woman you previously didn’t know.

You’ll hear about… “The Situational Opener”…. “The Opinion Opener”… “The Direct Opener”…

So… watch the video… and let me know if you think Greg’s ideas will work…

2 thoughts on “Just Stop. Part II

  1. Mark Blake says:

    I followed MPT for a long time on Twitter but finally had to stop. I began to feel as though his tweets and blog posts crossed a line going from pointing out the silliness in Christian culture to being deliberately and pointedly divisive. Not that I think you shouldn’t read his blog; that’s just my experience with it.

    • Mark,
      That’s a great point. My exposure to MPT is very limited but I will definitely be sure to guard myself against unnecessary criticism and possibly, flat out cattiness. Thanks for the heads up. Now that I re-read this, it is pretty mean.

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