Mommy, John Calvin is calling me names!

Billy Cash, a good friend of mine has written a brief article on John Calvin and infant Baptism. Infant baptism has a long and illustrious tradition and for a guy like me who puts a lot of emphasis on the history of the church, this subject is difficult for me. I was raised Southern Baptist and we typically are NOT down with infant baptism. As a matter of fact, I don’t know that I have ever met a Southern Baptist who would give the okay on this.

But its been around a long time—longer than Baptists have been around. Longer than Protestants have been around. We are talking second to third century here and maybe even earlier.

So check out Billy’s article and pay close attention to how “cordial” and “politically correct” John Calvin is. At the end Billy points out that Calvin, as brilliant as he was would not be allowed in theological debates today (see Rob Bell/Universalists controversy).


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