Cheers to Friendship

 “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

~C.S. Lewis

When I was five years old my family and I moved from the bombing metropolis of Shreveport, Louisiana to a small town called Pittsburg, Texas. If you don’t know anything about Pittsburg, then you’re not missing much. We have chicken… Lots and lots of chicken. But, like anyone from an uneventful town I will always say it is the people who lived in Pittsburg when I was growing up that made it great.

(from left: Adam, Kyle, Ryan, Chris, me. Adam wasn’t there for this picture so I had to improvise)

The five of us were pretty much inseparable when we were younger. What was so great is Adam lived right next door to me, and Kyle and Ryan (brothers) lived just down the street from us. Chris might as well have lived at one of our houses because we were always hanging out.

Today is Kyle’s birthday so I want to share one of my favorite stories. One Saturday when we were all high school age, we (Kyle, Adam, another friend, and myself) decided to go play golf at Shadow Lakes in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. The first 9 holes were great. It was my first time to actually play a round of golf so I was really enjoying it. Well we came somewhere around half way and there was a big pond on that hole. When we eventually got on the green near the cup, another friend of ours, Luke, tried to chip in and his ball was headed straight for the water. He was the only one of the four of us that actually played golf. He was running low on balls, so he did what every logical human being would do—he threw his club at it. So at this point he is not only missing a ball, but a club as well. Luke does what he has to, he jumps in after it.

At this point I was standing on the shore, befuddled at the overwhelming genius-ness that I have just seen Luke display. All of a sudden I hear a yell and Kyle comes flying past me with his shirt off as he pulls a gainer into the pond. Soon after, Luke and Kyle discovered they were sitting on a gold mine of golf balls, so they started throwing them up on the green. They probably collected somewhere between 150-200 golf balls! They were stuffed into every zipper of Luke’s bag and in pants pockets.

Genius move number two by Luke was when we were finished playing, he waltzed right into the clubhouse soaking wet. The manager, upon seeing him asked if he could search his bag that was bursting at the seams. Needless to say, I never went back to Shadow Lakes and I don’t think the others did either. So while the story really highlights Luke’s genius, Kyle’s full gainer into the pond is what I remember most.

Not many people can say that they still have a close relationship, or even occasionally talk to those they were friends with when they were five years old. God has richly blessed me with them. I still see Adam from time to time and the other three are currently living in Wyoming, but every time we do see each other we pick up right where we left off.

So today, on Kyle’s 25 birthday I thank God for the mercy he has shown me by giving me good friends. Happy Birthday Bro!


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