Uncoverted Preaching

I’m taking a class this semester called the History of Gospel Preaching in America. I assume for the majority of the class I will be loving evaluating the great preachers of American History. That is, until we reach the 2nd Great Awakening, where the message of the Gospel radically changed for the worse—to this day we still experience the effects, but that’s neither here nor there. I found this snippet of a sermon preached by Gilbert Tennent called “The Dangers of an Unconverted Ministry,” where he expresses the dangers of preaching without the power of the Holy Spirit.

“And alas! What poor Guides are natural Ministers to those, who are under Spiritual Trouble? They either slight such Doctrines altogether, and call it Melancholy, or Madness, or daub those that are under it, with untemper’d Mortar. Our Lord as­sures us, that the Salt which hath lost its Savour is good for nothing; some say, ‘It genders Worms and Vermine.’ Now, what Savour has Pharisee-Ministers? In truth, a very stink­ing One, both in the Nostrils of God and good Men.”

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