In the fall of 2011 I decided that I needed a break from the blogosphere. I had become fairly consistent in my post and even starting building a little bit of consistent readership. But something clicked in me and I simply didn’t want to do it anymore. Writing is something that I love and thoroughly enjoy doing, but trying to maintain a steady stream of topics got to be more than I could handle. It became less about me trying to work through different issues and became more about how many readers I had per post. Now, obviously you want people to read your stuff, but I lost sight of what makes me love writing.

Here are some things I learned during my hiatus:

  1. I don’t have to say something about everything. This is impossible for one thing, and another, it’s a little silly to think anyone cares—which leads to my second point.
  2. My motives for blogging can easily shift from the desire to hammer out what I believe to narcissism. The human heart is prone to self-righteousness and self-exaltation. It doesn’t need any help. If you couple that predisposition with the ability to openly and freely express opinions on any topic, at any time, and any place, you might find what I found—the internet becomes your throne and you are sovereign. The “Enter” key becomes your gavel and you are the judge. The comment box becomes an altar, where you are puffed up when praised and feel attacked when criticized.

Blogging can be beneficial, but it can also be an extreme waste of time. Last year it crossed the line. I’m giving it another go, knowing that sometimes my heart doesn’t handle praise or criticism well. I’m hoping that it serves as a place to sharpen my writing skills, specifically when it comes to being clear—presenting a thought thoroughly and concisely in a way that others can understand. And, if it serves as a helpful resource somewhere in the future that is beneficial for the body of Christ, then that would be great too.

Tomorrow I will begin a 2-3 part series entitled, “Don’t Waste Your Wait.” Somewhere in those 3 posts I will talk about the story of David, and though he was anointed King, he waited patiently until the Lord’s appointed time and he didn’t try to manipulate his situation.

Until then…

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