“Only God Can Judge Me” is the original YOLO (You only live once). For some reason or another, this annoying little phrase has made a bit of a resurgence. Why? I don’t know, but I wish it would go away. Let me explain why this, along with YOLO grates on me.

I most often hear this phrase from someone in my generation who says, “It’s my body, my mouth, my life—so I can do what I want to and only God can judge me.”

I don’t think you understand what you’re saying.

Now, I understand this to a degree. It is not our place to judge others, and I’m not arguing that we should. However, you say “Only God can judge me,” as if His judgments are like that of a grandparent, who says, “Stop that… now let’s go get ice cream!”

J.I. Packer writes:

Paul refers to the fact that we must all appear before Christ’s judgment seat as “the terror of the Lord” (2 Cor 5:11), and well he might. Jesus the Lord, like his Father, is holy and pure; we are neither. We live under his eye, he knows our secrets, and on judgment day the whole of our past life will be played back, as it were, before him, and brought under review. If we know ourselves at all, we know we are not fit to face him. What then are we to do? The New Testament answer is: Call on the coming Judge to be your present Savior. As Judge, he is the law, but as Savior he is the gospel. Run from him now, and you will meet him as Judge then—and without hope. Seek him now, and you will find him (for “he that seeketh findeth”), and you will then discover that you are looking forward to that future meeting with joy, knowing that there is now “no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rom 8:1).

So, while you say, “Only God can Judge me,” know that you don’t have to know Him as such. Christ will judge, but rather than know him as judge, how about know him as advocate?

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